Friday, November 4, 2016

After a lengthy update!

I know, I know, it's been forever. There have been reasons. Mostly, it's been that this year has been a real shitstorm, and the Presidential Election has not helped in the slightest. When I do occasionally (and erratically) post about politics, it tends to be a centrist, "let's all calm down and take a step back" kind of thing. I haven't felt like writing that post for a while, so I stayed away. I even flaked out on my October Top 5 Lists.

But it gave me a great idea. I'm going to start doing those lists weekly. I'll even mark them with this spiffy logo that you see on the left, there. That way, you'll know what's what, and it'll make me write something every week, which gets me out of my head space and is generally good for everyone.

The first order of business is to finish up the horror movie lists. After that, I'm going to move on to Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies. I've already got a list of topics going for those.

Most of you who read these lists like to comment on Facebook, and that's cool with me. If there is a horror movie theme or trope that I haven't covered yet that you would like me to handicap for you, just drop it in the comments section. When all of the lists are done, I'm going to turn the project into a book.

Don't worry: Skelos Press projects and other ongoing concerns are still in the mix. I'm just trying to busy myself with an eye towards finishing some projects. They've been left hanging for far too long.

Thanks for your patience.
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