Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Blood & Thunder-Related Bits

My buddy Ben Friberg, ace cameraman and all around very fine fellow, interviewed me in 2007 during Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains. He's working with the material for a larger project, but he released a couple of snippets for folks to enjoy. I think he asked some great questions, and I sound a little smarter than usual. If you're interested, you can see part one here:

And if you're really interested, you can view part two here:

And in other news, I got to see a sneak preview of the Barbarian Days documentary that I am featured in, along with Chris Gruber, Rusty Burke, Bill Cavalier, and a number of my fellow friends and fans. The movie looks great, and it's put together very well. There's one part of the documentary I wasn't happy with, but I kept reminding myself that it's not my movie. I thought the guys did a great job of splitting the difference between Cross Plains in general and the Robert E. Howard community in specific. Still no word yet on when it'll be out this year, but we'll let you know.

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Melissa Embry said...

Am looking forward to the Howard doc! Was in Cross Plains two or three years ago & was amazed at how oblivious the town was to Howard, with exception of one librarian & one or two of historic group at the house. By the way, when I saw you at ConDFW you were looking forward to the John Carter movie. Today's Dallas Morning News gave it a "C" rating. At least better than the D it gave the last Conan movie.