Monday, October 24, 2011

The Obligatory Birthday Post -- And Thanks for All the Fish

This is a weird milestone, one that only you guys will understand: today is my Douglas Adams Birthday. That's right, today I am 42. And as you might expect, not only do I NOT have the answer, but I'm pretty sure one isn't coming anytime soon. I know less now than I ever did. While it's a really liberating feeling, it's also a little frustrating, too. And the things that I DO know, I kinda wish I didn't.

I used to love my birthday, but as I've gotten older, it's become more of a timebomb. Worse, it's become a yardstick to measure myself against my peers, my expectations, you name it. There's no cake and parties anymore. Not really. And I really don't want that, either, to be honest. My needs are many, but they are all pretty simple.

Despite this year being one of generalized suckage for everyone I know vis a vis the economy, it's been a pretty good year for me. I've gained some publishing traction in the comics world, and also got some prose goodness finally cooking. I'm ready to do more of both.

Over in the world of Robert E. Howard, I rewrote Blood & Thunder and it will be out by Christmas. I also wrote a rebuttal to a longstanding article about REH and racism, and penned a new Howard Manifesto in a vain attempt to keep everyone's preconceived notions about REH at bay and write something new and original. I also presented a paper on Howard at a national academic conference. Not bad, considering I'm trying to scale back.

What will 2012 bring? More publishing. I've got a couple of long-standing projects that I will conclude and push out next year. Also, some backlist will be re-published, starting with the two Con-Dorks books. After that, maybe the Sam Bowen stuff.

Also, the Violet Crown Radio Players are relaunching in 2012, and I'm going to be writing some new old time radio scripts for them. I love doing that. Scouts! the comic book I'm doing for Ape Entertainment, will debut. And, if all goes well, I'll land a manuscript at a publisher. Cross your fingers.

In the "It sure would be nice" column, I've participated in two documentaries about REH now, and both have yet to be released commercially or otherwise. Hopefully they can land a spot at a festival. Maybe even South By Southwest. Who knows? But I want them out. I'm tired of waiting on them.

In all other things, I am a work in progress. Health, Business, Husband, Friend, and Priest of Elvis. My gift to myself next year is to read more, and for pleasure. A fitting gift, I think, for so literary a milestone. My thanks to all of you, friends, family, and folks who like reading my stuff. You really are the best, and I appreciate you being involved in my life. Who needs presents and a cake? I've got y'all.


Unknown said...

Have a great day, you young whippersnapper.

Merbrat said...

Happy Birthday! *searches for Like button*

Pearse O'Leary said...

Happy Birthday. The Violet Crown Radio Players news is VERY exciting. Any hints on what they might perform?