Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random San Diego Thoughts, part 1

I finally got to meet Darwin Cooke. We talked a little bit about Donald Westlake and he told me that he's going to adapt "Butcher's Moon." I nearly passed out. Nine out of ten of you won't know what the hell that means, but the one in ten of you who just yelled out loud--yeah, I know, right?

I'm stunned at the number of people I run into that I know--in these huge crowds--of all places. It's one of the little joys of San Diego for me that I get to have all of these mini-reunions with folks.

I cannot get over how big this show is now. I consistently underestimate it. But I have a signing tomorrow, so that'll be interesting. I'm also cataloging the different types of people in the Comic-Con crowd. Look for that later. For now, though, sleep. It's been a long day, most of which was just getting here. Tomorrow, I'll be more lucid.

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