Monday, September 17, 2012

My FenCon Schedule and Why You Should Care

This is my first appearance at FenCon IX this year and I am really happy to be attending as a regional guest. This year I really expanded my "local show footprint" to include some shows that have asked me to attend before, but I was unable to due to other commitments, time, funding issues, etc.

If you've never been to FenCon, and you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, click on the link above and consider coming out for it. There's a good group of folks running it, and a nice, wide spread of guests, so there really is something for everyone.

The other reason why you should come out is pure selfishness on my part: I want to see you. I have so many friends in the Metroplex area that I never get to visit with. Even if you just come hang out at the bar, I would love to be your evening's entertainment. So, think about it. And hey, while we're on the subject, here's my panel schedule, below:

The Future of Comics
Friday  8:00 PM  Addison Lecture Hall  

FenCon Squares
Saturday  10:00 AM  Trinity I - IV  

Saturday  11:00 AM  Gallery  

Reading *Brunch With Barbarians!* (See Below)
Saturday  12:00 PM  Pecan  

Sherlock v Holmes
Saturday  1:00 PM  Red Oak  

WTF, Zombies?!?
Saturday  7:00 PM  Pecan  

50 Years of Web-Spinning & Smashing
Saturday  8:00 PM  Live Oak  

80 Years of Conan
Sunday  2:00 PM  Addison Lecture Hall  

But It's Funny!
Sunday  3:00 PM  Red Oak  

*Brunch With Barbarians* is actually my reading slot and Heroic Fantasy Quarterly editor Adrian Simmons' reading slot mooshed together to make one hour long happening. We'll have food and drink for anyone who wants to come listen to our readings from Noon to 1 PM on Saturday. That's right, we're THOSE guys.


Julia said...

What kind of drink between noon and 1 on Saturday? :)

Mark Finn said...

Something brunchy, like mimosas.

Melissa Embry said...

Hope I can catch you -- they've got you overlapped with the writing workshop I'm in!