Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Quick Update on the Publishing Side

Sorry this has been so quiet lately, but I have been forced to choose between finishing Replacement Gorilla and writing pithy, hilarious observations about racist squatters in other states and threatening the entrenched misogynists and sociopaths in the Geek Nation to within an inch of their lives if they don't shut up and bury their heads in the sand. Guess which wiser course of action won out?

Not that it hasn't been really tempting. It's like, life is throwing me these soft, slow, underhand pitches right over the middle of the plate, and I just want to belt them out of the park, but I've got stuff to do.

So, you may remember I had a plan to get all of my backlist out this year as publishing projects. Here's the updated link to my Amazon Author's Page, if you want to go swing by and check it out.

The most recent thing to get the CreateSpace treatment is Road Trip. I know, this has come out before, but I am moving it off of Lulu and onto CreateSpace, and then later, Kindle. This will be a special book, in that I'm going to give it away on Kindle. That's right, give it away. It's going to be my loss leader. I think it's a strong book, and a pretty good idea of what I write, and how. So, it's currently available as a paperback, and soon it'll get ebooked. Look for it, if you will.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding? On the day it's available for free, I'll tweet it and post it to the heavens. Please share, won't you?

This book is the first collection of stories from the San Cibola universe, and it's not the last, by half. I've gotten two reviews for Empty Hearts, for which I am very grateful. If you post a review and let me know about it, I'll send you a bonus story, "That Still Don't Make it Wight," as a thank you. How cool is that? It's currently live on Kindle, but I'm having the files redone because I didn't realize the Kindle format was so different. So, that's happening and should be updated by the first of May. I like the collection; I think there are some strong stories in the book.

Again, I'll let you know when the Kindle file is updated and repaired. I've got a hell of a learning curve on all of this.

Coming soon, in the next few weeks, look for two new books: A collection of the Sailor Tom Sharkey stories, published by Fight Card Books, and the first novel in the Con-Dorks Saga, the Transformation of Lawrence Croft. I'm actually going to put out all three Con-Dorks books in the trilogy (I can't believe I just typed that sounds as well as BOTH of the Sam Bowen books. Those of you who are TickWits will doubtless rejoice, leaving the rest of you to say, "So what?" Hopefully, you'll check it all out.

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