Friday, January 2, 2015

Making Schedules

Last year, I used my Google Calendar for the first time, and I mean, I really used it. I added dates, set up timers, the works, and baby, it was glorious...until the big-ass digital projection project landed and disrupted my space-time continuum for seven months. Then it was superfluous.

But for those first five months, I was on task and bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and oh, you betcha, stuff got done. So, in keeping with my stated goal of writing a half million words in a year's time, I'm going to do it again.

That's what I'm working on today, in between selling tickets to The Interview for tonight's show. See? here I am:
Note the Douche-Antenna in my ear, ensuring that whoever
I'm talking to will know how important I am. 

This is what my tentative schedule looks like for 2015. Keep in mind that it's all VERY tentative, especially the National shows, because I have to balance this with travel, the theater, and a bunch of other things. And it doesn't include writing, either, which gets done around all of this. Still, it's a heck of a line-up:

Feb 13-15

STAPLE! in Austin
March 7-8

PCA/ACA New Orleans
April 1 – 4

Robert E. Howard Days
June 11 – 14

June 26-28

July 24-26

Necronomicon Providence
August 20 – 23

Sept 4 – 7

Sept 25-27

As for writing, I have one thing on my plate that will get finished before I do anything else. I was supposed to finish it last year, and it got trampled by a play schedule. So: no play schedule, and I'm clearing the decks for what's coming up. What is coming up, you ask?

*The second Clay Stark novel, Viva Gorilla.

 *A Sailor Tom Sharkey novel, tentatively titled Sailor Tom Sharkey and The All-Star Cross Country Train of Death.

*A play that I've been wanting to write for some time, now, and this year being the 125th anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft, it seems like a good time to do it. I know, that's a tease, but I don't care. 

*Some scripts for at least one or two old time radio re-creation shows.

*Several collaborations with friends and fellow writers.

*A few short stories that I've had rattling around and are now ready to go into the oven. 

Mind you, this is writing, not book projects. I've got several of those ready to go, as well. Here's the short list of those boogers:

*A shared world anthology project with some fellow writers.

*A Christmas book

*A collection of the Toho Monsters Guide to Women, the Universal Monsters Guide to Men, and the B-Movie Grimoire of Lesser Monsters, all updated and stuffed into one big book called The Monster-Hunters Guide to Modern Relationships. Boom. 

*The Boxing World of Robert E. Howard Gazeteer Project

Holy Crap. That's a lot of stuff. I put all of that together, I'll hit 500K words, no problem. Let's see how well I can manage my time THIS year, eh? Place your bets, ladies and gents. If any of you start a pool, let me know. I want in on the action.

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