Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My 2012 ConDFW Panel Schedule

Hey Folks,
Here it is! For those of you in the MetroPlex area who want to know when Finn is coming into town, here's your answer. I'll be at the show until the wheels fall off. I have no other plans. Y'all should come by if you can. It's going to be a hoot and a holler. Especially the Friday night panel. We had a blast last year. And if you've never seen Troll 2...well, it's the new Plan Nine From Outer Space. That's all I'm saying.

6 pm – Gabrielle Faust, Mark Finn, A. Lee Martinez

Panel Room 1 - Warwick
9pm - Talking During the Movies -- Tommy vs. Trolls
Panelists: Mark Finn, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Anthony Brownrigg, Ren Hobt and anyone else willing to have fun!

In the hallowed halls of bad moviedom, there has arisen a conundrum. What is the best worst movie ever made? Tonight we screen two world-class contenders for the title. Congoers, prepare for glory!

The Room (2003) -- Tommy Wiseau's gift to the world, "The Room" is a movie that dares you to watch it. This modern masterpiece of crap defies easy description. Suffice to say, that while you may leave "The Room", "The Room" will never leave you.

Troll 2 (1991) -- We know what movie you really want to see this year. We know you're all chomping at the bit for The Hobbit. But wait! I sense fear, trepidation even. Will they do the source material justice? Will the Hobbit be as good as the trilogy? Are we in for massive disappointment? Fear not, my friends. For whatever the Hobbit maybe, it will be better than Troll 2. Perhaps the worst fantasy movie ever made, what more can you say about a movie called 'Troll 2' that has no trolls in it?

Panel Room 2 - Manchester
11am - The Dangers of Self-Publishing
Panelists: P.N. Elrod (M), Lillian Stewart Carl, Bill Fawcett, Mark Finn, Melanie Fletcher
There are more and more dangers out there for the unwary prospective writer. From vanity book publishing to groups that disappear with your story rights, there needs to be a guide on what to look for when you want to sell yourself for fun and profit. Our panelists seek to do just that.

Panel Room 3 – Canterbury
4pm – Soaring Ships and Swashbuckling Sentients: Trends in Space Opera
Panelists: Ethan Nahte, Lee Martindale, William Ledbetter (M), Mark Finn
Once upon a time Science Fiction was just that – fiction that had a science flair to it. However, then the flair of super heroes came, with serialized adventures in pulp and cinema. And with the coming of John Carter of Mars to the big screen in all his SFX glory, the genre of Space Opera is poised to make a big comeback. Our panelists talk about where this is going, and what to look forward to in the future.

Panel Room 1 – Warwick
6pm – Raurgh! Zombies ate my brain! (And How YOU can avoid this fate!)
Panelists: Cherie Priest, Scott Padget, Chris Donahue (M), Mark Finn, John Manning
One of the first causes of the apocalypse that comes to mind (outside of high cholesterol) is the inevitable
zombie outbreak. Whether by a rogue comet, magic, or science gone wrong, zombies are entrenched in modern society’s mind. The question still remains, however – how do you survive the zombie outbreak? Is it necessary to own a number of weapons? Our resident survivologists spread the news. Programming Note: Survival is not guaranteed by attending this panel.

11 am – Julie Barrett, Paul Black, Mark Finn

Panel Room 3 – Canterbury
1pm – Don't Quit Your Day Job!
Panelists: Julie Barrett, Melanie Fletcher (M), Mark Finn, Rhonda Eudaly
A popular panel from last year, we bring the perennial topic back: what does one do to survive while waiting for
your big break? Our panelists share horror stories of what they had to do to survive, and offer advice on what
you can do as well.